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Our company offers a wide range of legal assistance, using the knowledge and experience of Our team and the many people working on the territory of Poland.In this part we specify the range of cases which are successfully engaged in for over ten years. These are questions in which our knowledge and experience guarantee high quality services.

  • Support for entrepreneurs

  • The division of inheritance

  • The eviction

  • The division of property

  • Alimony

  • Divorces and separations

  • Spatial planning - plans of improvement

  • The case for reparation

  • Legal assistance for migrants

  • Criminal cases

  • Labour law

  • Investment process

  • Inheritance law

  • Contracts

Assistance to foreigners

If you are a foreigner and do not know the Polish law, do not know how to legalize your stay or to establish your own business in Poland – meeting in the Office. Services we provide in Polish and English languages, in the case of the Ukrainian language, we provide the assistance of an interpreter.

We will help You in obtaining a residence permit or temporary residence permit or permanent, will prepare the relevant statements, we will investigate your stay and work in Poland. All the formalities lies with us, you don't need to walk on offices and to feel discomfort for lack of understanding or stay in the queue at the office.

If you want to create in Poland the entrepreneurial activities, to create a company or you need legal help in a family business, for example, in the development of agreements and contracts economic operators – contact us. Ignorance of the law is harmful and can carry a lot of negative financial consequences. The fact that the alien is not exempt from this responsibility, so you should seek the advice of a lawyer who will explain in an accessible form mechanism of action right and advise you on how to act in the market to get the best out of it.

We represent foreign nationals in administrative front of the Governor, Department for foreigners, Head of the Department for Foreigners ' Affairs, in government, in judicial proceedings, before administrative courts.

Our company also provides legal assistance to employers who hire foreigners!

As an employer you should remember that hiring foreigners (non-EU), you are responsible for the legalization of employment. In the case of illegal employment it is necessary to reckon with this fine and possibly even loss of an employee who could receive an order to leave the country.

We provide legal assistance for entrepreneurs who hire foreigners because of the rich experience (support entities having citizens outside the EU, for example, the Ukrainians), we provide professional consulting in this field.